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In this portfolio we wanted to go back to the origins, to the place where a garment begins and is constructed. It is for this reason that we wanted to present the work of Alejandra Filipponi, textile artist who has been tracing her path around art, craft, and family tradition. She is a creator who sees the art of sewing as materials that dialogue in a space of self-knowledge and facilitate creativity. Her workshop, as well as her work, have become a meeting place for women who share a path towards the same goal: to learn through making.


The tools to make a garment are the basis and starting point for their construction and manufacturing. Alejandra Filipponi’ workshop Textilera provides the equipment and tools to start drawing the patterns and ideas brought by her students. The way of working consists in producing the base pattern with simple instructions. Drawing is the starting point of the process, followed by converting the piece into a volume; then with the experience gained, they are able to transform and disassemble it, so as to pursue their own projects.

Those who are part of the workshop defy their abilities in order to learn to use the equipment, language that may be strange to some. Most students go on the workshop to differentiate their creations from mass produced garments, and learn how to customise them by transforming, reusing and repairing. What is essential is for them to connect to the craft and the method of learning – by making, where the goal is to make mistakes, correct them, create again, improve and repeat the cycle until achieving the objectives. It is a personalised method as it focuses on the experiences of each participant.


In this space there is time for experimentation, individual processes and production of garments. The students find an environment to go back to creating with their hands, recovering traditions and, at the same time, they are able to give an original stamp to their clothes.

When the classes end and the materials are left behind, a world that connotes the simplicity, introspection and the silence of empty spaces, is unveiled. With perceptibility, Antonia Cafati’s images show an austere and simple proposal. She manages to create clean spaces and simple atmospheres, where the oneiric and the subconscious are present. In these spaces she lets dreams gather in commonplaces, which are difficult to forget, where thousands of pieces have been brought to life and where the creations have gone through different paths of experimentation, with unexpected results

Between classes there are parentheses, which give space to think and reconsider the project in development, it is a time to search, to get answers in order to accomplish the timeless and feminine purpose for which they came to the workshop to learn.

Antonia Cafati

The neutral elements that Antonia Cafati choses to photograph transmit warmth and an air of femininity, showing an atmosphere that does not reveal time or age, as in Alejandra’s workshop.

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