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Contrahilo came into existence as a response, a space of resistance, a place to reflect, in which the temporality, the consumption, and the ephemeral nature of fashion as a market, become diluted.

Contrahilo looks for a reflection regarding the process, the relationships and tensions that arise in the broad spectrum that fashion inhabits; from the image, the politics, the power and poetics that arise around it, to the dressmaking process and the use of the garment.

Contrahilo wants to reach beyond the limits imposed by the discipline and analyse fashion in a broad sense, inviting various characters of the social structure to join us and reflect with us.


Rosario Montero is a photo based artist with a BA in Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Chile and a MFA from the University of Chile (graduated in 2007). She had her first solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural de España Gallery in 2004. In 2006 she published her first photography book, "Parallel Views" In the year 2010 her work was part of the selection of contemporary Chilean photographers for 02/CNCA. She has participated in several collective exhibitions, that include: "Cohort" at the Museum of Contemporary Art 2009, "Portraits: North, Central and South" in the Military History Museum in 2006, "None" in 2005 and "Modular" in 2004 (MHM) . During 2009 she began her own production company Puro Delirio. Today she is the director and photographer of Contrahilo, a visual portfolio of fashion creators. She currently lives in London, UK where she is working on several projects related to photography.

MARIA EUGENIA IBARRA(Content Editor.- Chile)

María Eugenia Ibarra graduated with a degree in Fashion and textile Design at Universidad del Pacífico (Chile) in 1998. She worked in the fashion industry for labels such as Rusty and Lee. At the same time, she worked as a fashion producer for Paula joven magazine. In the year 2003, she qualified in Fashion Marketing and Communication (Spain), allowing her upon her return to Chile, to embark on an investigation about fashion trends with a sociological outlook in the city of Santiago, for the Italian company ‘Future Concept Lab’. Then, she continued her career working in fashion productions; she collaborated with Revista Mujer, a magazine distributed in La Tercera newspaper, and with various editorials, she also worked in the production of advertising catalogues, working in a team with renowned photographers. During 2005, she studied ‘Window Dressing: Events and Installations’ at Andrés Aguirre’s workshop (Santiago, Chile). Today she’s part of Contrahilo’s team, acting as director and executive producer.

TAMARA JIMENEZ (Producer.- Chile)

Tam Jiménez is a Cultural Manager and Photographer. In 2004 she graduates as a Publicist at DoucUC, specialising in Marketing and Media Planning. Later, she did a postgraduate degree in Marketing (2009) and then in Digital Photography (2011) at ‘Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’. She has worked as an advertising executive in renowned agencies such as ‘Leo Burnett’, ‘Ogilvy’ and ‘Cabeza’ amongst others. Her career in cultural management and production begins in 2008 coordinating the work of visual artist Cecilia Avendaño. Currently she works alongside visual artist José Pedro Godoy, simultaneously continues to develop her work as a photographer and works as a producer at Contrahilo.

SUSANA BOTERO (Content Editor.- Colombia)

Susana Botero studied design at Universidad de los Andes in Bogota,Colombia with a concentration in Theatre Studies.  She started to get involved with costume design and took part of productions at Teatro Libre and Teatro La Candelaria in Bogota. In 2011 she designed costumes for Corporación Escuela de Formación Musical Nueva Cultura in Bogota and at the same time she started her own clothing label for men called Socorro.In 2012 she studied a master's degree in textile design at Chelsea University of the Arts London. Currently she is living in Bogotá, Colombia.