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In this edition the work of textile artist Josefina Concha will be shown as a practice for the construction of fabric, where thread is understood as the foundation for the elaboration of textile volumes. Her pieces are interpreted by photographer Verónica Puche through poetic actions that give new meaning to the structure of the pieces.

BODY AND STRUCTURAL TEXTILES. Josefina Concha by Verónica Puche. Text Susana Botero

Josefina explores the qualities of thread and employs it as a line that creates volumes with the superimposition of weaves. From accumulated actions, spontaneous and evocative structures are created, which are nonetheless dominated by the changes of colour and the saturation of thread in each section. In this process error is seen as an opportunity, because despite the end result being unconscious, it does have a starting point: the thread.

In this portfolio two processes, which generate a formal relationship, are combined: the construction of a textile and the construction of movements with a body. The process of creation of the textile is done in a sculptural/pictorial manner, and away from the body, it is only once the body is inside the textile that it connects to the structures and becomes an extension of the threads; becomes a new foundation.

There is a relationship between the flexibility of the body that changes position intuitively in order to adjust to the textile and create other shapes, with the automatic process of sewing, which generates new perceptions of volumes. The ephemeral body-textile dialogue acquires meaning when immobilised in photography. The final image is an extension of a chaos that seems under control.


The frames in Veronica Puche’s photography are suggestive. Bodies act over matter or the materials become an action to the character.

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