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In nostalgia, raw materials are objects of the past that act as a time machine, whereby a pre-existent story is constructed, becoming a common thread and an inspiration from which design is generated.

Al encontrarnos con un objeto que nos remite al pasado muchas veces nos permite visualizar o comprender que aquello que consideramos como actual es también una reinterpretación de la historia o una construcción a partir de lo realizado. De esta forma objetos que parecen muy contemporáneos son soluciones anteriores a un problema que sigue hasta hoy vigente.

On many occasions, when we encounter an object that transports us to the past, it allows us to visualise or comprehend, that what we consider as current is also a reinterpretation of history or a construction from what has already been made or done. In this way, objects that appear contemporary are previous solutions to a problem, which still prevails.

Through the reinterpretation of the past or the analysis of already known phenomena, the past can potentially become a collective obsession where we go back in time by the means of an object, a song, a period film or childhood memories, constructing an imaginary where the creative process and inspiration emerges.

Camila Puyol (Mala Racha)

‘Mala racha’ (Spell of bad luck) designed by Camila Puyol invites you to be part of her sweet and entertaining world filled with memories and emotions.

It gathers a palette of innocent and feminine pastel tonalities, in addition to black and white. She works with light fabrics, silks, gauzes, pleatings, and transparencies. All materials which are part of a fragile nostalgia.

The images that she creates are frozen in time through analogue and digital photography. Images of details and textures, which convey ‘what used to be’ and create a close connection between time and design.

Photography: Loreto Gibert
Model: Loreto Greve

Designer Contact: Camila Puyol. Web


“I always try to active the visual part of my brain. It’s like a muscle that needs warming up. As soon as I do it the ideas start coming to me”.
David Lachapelle.

I seek to find the reality that I’m confronted to, this is summed up in the light, above all, the natural one… the one that proves what it’s capable of representing in every frame. When I get every element or person that is in it, to transmit something to the person who looks at it, when I accomplish this and see the reaction in people, and it’s a favourable one, the mission was accomplished.