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The design process reveal three essential elements: imagination, design and execution. The creative process results from a combination of these three elements: first the idea phase takes place only mentally and the creator imagines the design of the object in order to later be able to build it and eventually construct the object itself.

There are some cases where the production discourse is originated along the process. In this sense the making of a piece of cloth represents a body type, that´s why the pattern-making is relevant in order to cut and join the different parts of the future cloth. In this stage the union of all the pieces create the volume: curves, articulations, all of them need to have a special treatment. In this sense, the morphology of a piece of cloth evolves not only in its sense of comfort, but in the impact of its presence and the underpining that offers to the wearing body.

As a recipe, the designer can cook its production. They can arrange each step in order to have a final piece that talks about the process itself. In a sense, we can say that the body holds the cooked garment whose final taste allows the appreciation of its sophisticated and refined constructed character.

This month's designer is one whose discourse is constituted along the garment's making process, as each piece of work arise as an original and sophisticated piece.

Equipo Contrahilo

Jonathan Ortega y Vicente Tapia (Costume Design)

Jonathan Tapia and Vicente Ortega work with textures in the finest materials. The kind soft to the touch and others stamped or intervened with manual procedures. Each piece is based on previous research about the pattern and construction procedures that involves the confection of the final piece.

They create a recipe; with fixed instructions they start to cook, with the dedication of some old slow roast, each part and detail. Step by step they create a garment with excellent quality and sophisticated finishing.

The pictures below are created by Sebastian Mejia, as an interpretation of their logic of construction.

Fotografia: Sebastián Mejía


Web. Mail: bycostumedesign (@) · Teléfono: 560 9 996 32 12


Evolution has shown that our relationship with our environment has always been delicate. My work has been permanently related with nature, specially when it invades the city. I look to rescue primitive vestiges in the middle of the urban jungle, places where the city manifests itself uncousciously by exposing elemental situations that can be easily overseen.



I chose Costume Design for their handmade value,

their talent at it and how important it is for them to spend time with each piece.

In relation to the poetic

I am interested in the role touch plays in the creative process,

the recipe analogy tries to convey the source of inspiration,

something thats not so easy to decipher, but more of a step by step discovery.

For the recipe, the single image is replaced by a series, a demonstration dedication preceding the final product.