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For the latest issue of Contrahilo, we invite you to reflect on the design and creative process in the creation of t-shirts. Architect Rafael Zamora considers drawing as a symbolic act and thus redefines the action of the author in a broader context than the creation of the garment. The featured images were taken by Chilean photographer Cata Fuster.

HATCHING ANIMALS.- The portrait of an animal on clothes.

Carolina draws, and as she draws in a slow manner she carries out a form of meditation through the creation of these shapes. The outlines are chosen through photography. Poses of live and dissected animals are interpreted through lines drawn on a wearable and portable surface.

Carolina works through a restrictive system. The light, textures and colour, translate into the dual expression between the background (cotton canvas) and a black marker dyed into the fibers. The drawing is characterized by two types of lines: outline and hatch. These two tasks overlap, alternating to give shape to the figure.

The contour work delimits regions that define the planes of colour and lighting of the shape. The hatch fills the surface, transferring the brightness and colour in keylines of various thicknesses, lengths and frequency. In this way, the image taken from a photograph is transferred in one tone, reinterpreted and scaled up on portable surface.

As a result of this process, items of complex value are generated; where the quality of standardised and accessible materials, the meticulousness of the drawing system, the singular choice of scales, and the specificity of animals as a portrait subject, come together.

HATCHING ANIMALS.- The portrait of an animal on clothes.

Snouts, horns, fangs, teeth, eyes, hair; but above all, the shape and silhouette imbued with the significance of the animal subject. The production of Lustre reviews the relevance of drawing as a work of man. There is a unique connotation to this work, an evident but not less complex subject matter: animals who draw and wear clothing bearing the images of these other animals, sometimes domestic or wild, or extinct, living or dead.

Carolina's work enriches and adds complexity to a garment standardised through the fine drawing of particularly unique and touching subjects.


Catalina’s works with documentary register, where the use of lights and contrasts construct the different scenes. Somehow it is situated in the tradition that defines the image from that decisive moment where the expression of gesture, caught by the image, becomes a new language.

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