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This month, we invited Colombian-based curator and art critic Paula Silva Díaz to reflect on the work of Chilean designer Francisca Tuca, who collaborated with photographer Rosario Arteaga in the production of the images in the portfolio.


It would be difficult to pinpoint the visual and conceptual legacies present in the work of Francisca Tuca—especially because, through an intimate exercise of creation, she attempts to establish a dialogue with varying and distant legacies and concepts.

Francisca begins her journey through the observation of the sky and, through her clothing, questions the identity processes of human gender, and the unspeakable and solemn nature of that contemplation.

At the heart of her skyward gaze, a collection is born—one devoid of all accessories and superfluous decorations. In fact, color in the work of Francisca Tuca could very well evoke Mark Rothko’s chromatic landscapes, especially the Seagram murals, when he abandoned warm colors. There are no definite boundaries between one color and the next, and the allusion to the horizon is manifest. In lieu of delimiting chromatic areas in a decisive fashion, Francisca Tuca aims for a liquid border that successfully reinforces the fluid construction of her clothes.

However, the fluid quality of her construction is perched on a cornerstone of minimalist architecture slightly reminiscent of the curves and straight lines in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. And, although she is visibly rooted to modern aesthetics, her personal interpretation and creative process drive her to achieve a contemporary and unpretentious collection.


Her collection is beautifully portrayed by photographer Rosario Arteaga, who—anchored in her passion for landscape—showcases Francisca Tuca’s clothes in a space of contemplation akin to that of the endless celestial space.

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