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The creation of garments emerges from the awareness of the environment, presenting itself as a sustainable option when reconstructing. Reuse, as a visual discourse of empowerment for the new textile creations, like a sea of endless possibilities, available for the author to address from a place of abandonment.

by Tam Jiménez

Photography: Javier Muñoz
Make-up: Isidora Lackington
Producer and art director: Tam Jiménez


Stemming from an ancestral search, Paola Aravena uses crin to give life to her garments, combining it with noble materials such as cotton and linen. In the past, before discovering horses’ hair as a more accessible material for the construction of their products, Mapuche artisan women (Chilean natives from central-south Chile) used fibres from poplar tree roots growing along the river, to produce their work. In this sense, this is the most noble way to address sustainability, in a manner that is kind to the creation and making of clothing.

Model: Javiera Osorio.


Alejandra Montecinos’ garment composition originates with the use of denim as the only component for her creations. A material that is often abandoned, is then restored and reused by her, just as a tree that gives shade, oxygen and colour, until it’s stripped of its life, and reused as a heat engine, a second role, like that of garments which are reconstituted for a new use.

Model: Lorena Silva


As a form of response to memory, Daniela Cross revives the garments of the past to build a new image that will shape a new language of clothing. The author seeks and recruits the garments that have already been used and forgotten to finally defragment and reclaim the most important fabrics to give them a new reinterpretation and fit.

Model: Lorena Silva


Javier Muñoz’ photography is characterised by a special treatment of light. He builds images where the colour dictates the rules of coexistence between the various elements that constitute the scene. Muñoz’ photography moves in a space between documentary and the construction of his own poetics.

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