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For Contrahilo’s latest issue we have invited Paulina Romero Solimano, teacher at Universidad del Pacífico and Master’s candidate in Art at Universidad de Chile, to reflect on Francisca Von Hummel’s handmade garments and creative process. Photographer Esteban Vargas also joined us on this reflection.


Nowadays, the clothing industry is characterised by standardisation and massification. Prices are low, garments are disposed of quickly and change is what prevails. In contrast to this reality, Francisca Von Hummel’s approach is transgressive and offers an alternative to this fast and expendable environment.

Francisca not only offers well- finished garments, she also provides us with dedication and specialisation. In her work, time is invested into the product, specificity is delivered and there is a rupture with the speed of production. With the help of craft tools, she has no problems in dedicating, what is considered an unusual amount of time (by today’s standards), to each and every one of her products.

Von Hummel uses manual printing, which is more expressive and manageable. In this process, a difference or possible error is many times used as a virtue. It is seen as an element that gives the object additional value and differentiates it from any other similar object that may be obtained through the same process. Francisca also paints over the fabric, giving every one of her garments uniqueness, which in turn broadens the gap between her work and mass production.

The different treatment of time makes Francisca’s work distinct. Her work environment shows her option to approach things differently, delivering a lasting quality product, which above all is special.


Esteban’s images are characterised by the creation of atmospheres through photography. He’s greatly skilled in every formal aspect of this technique - grain, double exposure, veils- and generates images that appeal to sensations and narratives.

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