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Andrea Silva embarked on her thesis by pushing the boundaries of fashion design in regards to the social spaces in which it normally develops in Chile. By these means the author intended to create a new space, where art and design intersected and where a garment could be seen as a work of art.

Her intention was to challenge and generate (despite the typical constrictions of a thesis) a unique object with a connection to visual arts, allowing it to be interpreted within that field of action. The author sought to open new spaces of relations for fashion design, where the procedures and final work would be able to blend in as yet another art technique.

As inspiration, the investigation centred in images related to mental disorders, specially hypergraphia. The objective was to create a unique garment printed with these images.

Once the printing and the cuts were completed, the creator made a garment to exhibit. Using cotton duck in its natural colour and pigments in red tonalities, she generated an installation through chromatic distance and the dramatisation of light, which, in general terms, made a reflection on man and his relationship with insanity


Andrea Silva, up-and-coming designer, sought to cross boundaries and experiment. Although in this opportunity she does not manage to adopt a discourse typical to design or art, as a first attempt it is interesting, as she seeks to move towards unconventional spaces situated outside fashion’s traditional scene and with this, raise questions on limits and interpretations within the discipline.

Contact Designer: andrea.msr (@)

Photography: Tamara Kramarenco Muller