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TIME AND NOSTALGIA II (Resignifying history)

It was only a month ago when we spoke about nostalgia, about how fashion was constructed by revisiting elements from the past. This month we will look at it again, but from another author’s perspective.

In the year 2007 a nostalgia current centred in the 50s and 60s began. The retro style (Post Second World War), took over the runway and the mass media. In that same year AMC launches a new TV series called Mad Men, which invited us to go back to a possibly forgotten time, from a glamorous and perhaps unrealistic perspective (regarding its social context). Set in the beginning of the 60s and with an impeccable art direction, it draws our attention to those outfits and styles that once existed in another social and political context.

The reasons behind revisiting the past are always varied and complex, patterns of behaviour can be observed and we can theorise about its origin, however this does not provide enough certainty regarding this topic.

Fashion relates to elements such as colours, fabrics, cuts and silhouettes, which constitute a way of seeing, where associations are made with the time it was created.

Simone Hohoff

This month we are presenting an up-and-coming creator whose work rescues patterns of the past, incorporating elements recycled from other times, which she turns into current garments. In this way, the patterns selected are those that can be re-interpreted (used) in a contemporary context.

She uses flat fabrics such as viscose, which she mixes with re-used lace, chiffon and embroidery applications. In general, she looks for fabrics that catch her attention due to the colour, the weave or the way it hangs.

In this way, the images taken, of the garments, the make up and the hair, reflect changes in society. Nowadays, there is a tendency to go back to the beginning of last century, it’s a loan from the past, where things had added value, reflecting character, aspirations, preferences and ideals of the female gender.

Model:Camila Bona y Nike Grote
Photography: Elisa Bertelsen
Make-up and style: Bernardita Cerveró
Designer Contact: Web


Elisa creates images where every part is a visual element: colour planes and textures. In the camera’s viewfinder, she plays with the notions of document and composition. She uses natural light, creating ambients that generate images full of colour.