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Fashion, as a unit of image production, has been involved from the 80's in a system of fantastic creations and unreal narratives which dictate a way of being and living which replaced the traditional and historical way of creating aspirational will related to French Houte – Couture.

This is how authors such as William Klein appear, who change the relationship between fashions, image and viewer, giving this last one an active position by making it participate in the fantastic narrative created by the photographer. Consistently with the production of images, clothing creation also was affected, mutating from casual dress to a look and an interpretation of what was happening in the everyday spaces.

As a recipe, the designer can cook its production. They can arrange each step in order to have a final piece that talks about the process itself. In a sense, we can say that the body holds the cooked garment whose final taste allows the appreciation of its sophisticated and refined constructed character.

Therefore, fashion and images were no longer limited by the market and its own narrative transcends into the world of arts and different representations, where the construction of fantasy characters and performances are lined up into the beauty and the world around us.

Lights, fantasies, gestures and colours come together and participate in a common scenario: an imaginary space that resonates like a dream as an interpretation of what surrounds us in everyday life.

Isabel Felmer (Ifel)

Felmer's work appears through a visual language that is characterized by the containing of symbolic elements distinctive of an aesthetic surreal dream.

Her work is related to the images of fantastic theatre, built by materials coming from other worlds, such as past or future times, where she rescues the lightness of "clouds and dancers". She uses an unconventional colour palette, mainly flashing colours unified by whites.

To portray the work of this designer, the photographer was inspired by this idea of recreating the ethereal, the brightness and fantasies, with the help of an image that is characterized by an unreal hazy atmosphere, a sort of an enchantment recreation.

Contact Designer: Isabel Felmer · Web · Blog · Flickr

Photographer: Paola Velásquez · Styling: Isabel Felmer · Make-up and hair: Alejandra Felmer · Laura & Dominika for Crystal Models Paris


Light is one of the key elements in the work of Paola. The image emerges from it with almost no contrasts and softens every element the composition where she achieves an immersion into a clean space with no elements remaining.

Specialized in fashion, this creative photographer conjures images of our everyday lives and spaces with beauty, becoming almost unreal scenes.

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