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In this edition we will analyse the work of Sisa, a multidisciplinary group of three designers whose creative process is strongly marked by the observation and appropriation of the nature that surrounds them. Trinidad Rodriguez, a graphic designer along with her sister Clarisa, who has trained as an architect, teamed up with Alejandra Cruz, a fashion designer, and created the brand Sisa. For just over a year they have been creating garments with a multidisciplinary approach that with the expertise that each of them contributes, reflects on the limits and potentials within fashion design.

Thus they give the garments a treatment that exceeds the contingency of the season, understanding the creative process as a continuum of questions that seek to be answered through the creation of each garment.


This creative trio focuses on addressing questions regarding the way nature can be a starting point to structure garments. In this sense, nature is presented as a guideline to structure the work of the designers, arising in the process questions concerning how they define the concept of nature. What kind of relationships and meanings does the idea of using nature as inspiration have for this group of creatives? Although it appears to be a direct and universal concept, the truth is that the idea of nature is intrinsically linked to the culture and values of those who define it, for instance, amongst this trio the notions of nature are different. Elisa’s relationship with nature is shaped by a romantic look (historical period) where nature is a symbol of perfection and harmony; therefore her approach to creation is tinged by a process that seeks to imitate what appears to be perfect. For Trinidad instead, nature is not an idea but an experience, her approach is somehow framed by an observation of phenomena and therefore her way of seeing and doing is imbued by the understanding of those processes that occur in nature (seasons changing, tress growing, etc.). Finally, Alejandra has an aesthetic perception of nature framed by an analysis of beauty. Her process is linked to creating from an aesthetic perspective where the form rules the creation process. Thus, from everyday observation, they take for example a leaf, and analyse both its form and its significance, appropriating it and transforming it into a set of lines, cuts and folds that constitute the structure of a garment. The particularity of these designers’ work lies in the negotiation process, what is invisible in the garment and happens in the workshop everyday, where nature is understood from multiple point of views and the idea of nature being part of the process begins.

Thus, Sisa, by making the processes, forms and aesthetic their own, dresses us through a symbolic process of what was once nature and today is alienated by materiality and cuts specific to the process of creating a garment.

Esteban Vargas

The images by Esteban Vargas are characterised by clean frames of general views where, the main character usually appears in the centre of the image. The pictures emphasise beauty and, in the context of this portfolio, reflect on the relationship between man and nature.

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